Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dr. Roy Rubin Orthopedics

Throughout Kennedy's hip treatments we have been fortunate to have Dr. Roy Rubin and his staff taking care of us. Since her diagnosis Dr. Rubin has been patient and understanding with our concerns and frustrations, answering all our questions - often several times. He thoroughly explains Kennedy's treatments & options, explores methods to reduce the radiation she's exposed to, is gentle with Kennedy's exams - she even likes him, is a perfectionist in surgery (gave us a great cast), is reassuring during treatments, and his apts even run on time and aren't rushed (often spending up to an hour). Even more amazing, Dr. Rubin is always available via home & cell phone as well as email! We couldn't be happier with our doctor!

Just as wonderful are Dr. Rubin's staff. The physician's assistants, Amy and Mike, are always helpful and really care - returning calls, answering questions and stopping in to visit Kennedy during our apts. Also, Dr. Rubin's schedulers, Megan and Katie, are very helpful and always enjoyable to talk with - providing us with information regarding procedures and appointments. We are truly lucky to have such wonderful and caring people helping Kennedy during her hip dysplasia journey. Thank you for your continued support!