Friday, March 6, 2009

Post Procedure Swelling

One thing I really wasn't prepared for with the closed or open reductions was the swelling and discoloration that is caused to the diaper area. With both procedures Kennedy experienced swelling to her genitals, especially after the open reduction. With these procedures you can expect for some swelling to occur, usually on the affected side, that can last (in my experience) up to a week. With Kennedy's closed reduction the swelling was mild and only lasted two to three days but the swelling from the open was much more significant, making diapering difficult for the first couple days. But, after four to five days the swelling resided and was almost gone by a week's end.

The first three to four days following the open reduction, Kennedy was so swollen that I was unable to stuff the inside diaper up the front opening. During this time I used panty liners to line the cast opening and, although I don't recommend using them regularly, they were a big help in protecting the cast by providing a barrier between the cast and her skin. Considering the diarrhea that Kennedy had post op, the panty liners were a real blessing the first week. So, although I discourage their use regularly they were helpful in avoiding disasters immediately following surgery.

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