Friday, March 6, 2009

Going to Sleep!

Each time that Kennedy has been put under has been roughly the same experience. For her comfort and mine, I have accompanied her (and her ribbon blanket) to the operating room and participated in the process. With each procedure, I sit in a chair holding Kennedy while a gas mask is put tightly over her face. She has yet to enjoy this so I sing and talk to her while she cries into the mask. It usually takes about a minute or less for her to relax and fall asleep. We then transfer her onto the bed and I kiss her on the cheek.

*An important note here is that they will start the IV (& monitors) after you leave the room. First they will try to start an IV in the hands, then in the foot or the head (sometimes the dr prefers the head over the foot since the foot location can interfere w/ the casting). During the recasting and the open reduction we were lucky enough to have the IV in her hand and it was put in her foot during the closed reduction. This last time (for removing the cast) the IV was actually placed in her neck since other locations were proving difficult. However, as freaky as that was it's still preferable (in my opinion) to the head. During each procedure the possibility of having Kennedy's head shaved w/ an IV really freaked me out - she's got such great hair!

As a mother, it has been great to be involved as they're putting Kennedy to sleep. I've always coped with situations by trying to educate myself and attempting to understand what is happening (thank you internet). Therefore I find this involvement theraputic and reassuring. Despite it's emotional toll, I would recommend that you take this opportunity if it is offered.

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