Friday, March 6, 2009

Post Op Procedures

With Kennedy, each of her procedures have been done as outpatient since we wanted to bring her home and make her comfortable. I really felt that staying in a hospital would freak her out and do more harm than good. Therefore, following each procedure, there are some requirements before we can leave. Although our experience has varied slightly with each time we are usually in recovery for about an hour - a little longer with the open reduction. The nurses monitor Kennedy's oxygen levels, blood pressure and breathing (listening to her through the stethoscope). She's usually hooked up to the IV until they feel she's hydrated enough and it's usually encouraged for her to eat something light - whether she nurses or has a bottle of apple juice. Also, during this time Dr. Rubin and the anesthesiologist brief me regarding how the procedure went, what to expect and when to call them. Overall, the post op procedures are fairly simple and we're out of there pretty quickly - thank goodness!

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