Friday, February 27, 2009

Waking from Anesthesia

So far Kennedy has had 3 experiences with anesthesia (3 more than I've ever had - poor girl)! I wanted to dedicate a post specifically to anesthesia since each experience has been different - varying from calm and relaxed to frantic and terrifying. Therefore, don't take your child's initial reaction post surgery as what life will be like for the next couple months or you'll be jumping off a ledge. With each procedure, once Kennedy was detatched from monitors and IVs, dressed and being carried out the door she immediately relaxed and was more like her normal self.

A possible side effect that we've experienced is a raspy throat. With Kennedy's first procedure she had a real raspy voice/cry for the first two days. However, this really didn't seem to bother her and, aside from me fearing she had caught a cold, it was forgotten pretty quickly. For the following procedures I mentioned it to our anesthesiologist and we haven't experienced it since.

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