Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dressing for a Spica Cast

To tell the truth, clothing is one of the hardest issues I had (and still have) with the dastardly spica cast. Kennedy had just grown into the 6-12 month size and had so many cute clothes that it still kills me how little she's gotten to wear them. I often joke that once we're done w/ this we'll have a spica clothes bon fire in the back yard - anyone that's gone through this is welcome to join us!

However, there are answers to the spica clothes question and once you figure out what your child can wear it's not too hard. First of all it, again, depends on your cast. With the legs positioned spread in the spica cast all clothing must be snapped on or put on over the head. Also, since Kennedy's cast has the stability bar it's more difficult than other casts. When she was first casted she was wearing size 6-12 months and I found that buying clothes size 12-18 months is what fit the cast best. I had to roll up the sleeves but it worked for the legs, bottom and chest area. For daily & sleep wear (in the winter time) I used fleece sleepers that snapped up entirely up the legs and the front - these proved the easiest to take on & off. But, they really weren't all that cute. So, for occasional cute days I got a couple pairs of overalls that had snap up legs and some cute onesies so Kennedy had her dress clothes that were a little harder to get on - but still really adorable!

For spica casts without the stability bar dressing is much easier - mostly just clothes in larger sizes that go on over the head since no outfit will go on legs first with the legs spread as they are. A lot of people also use baby legs under dresses or with onesies as a cute cover up over the legs.

For clothing made spicifically for spica casts and pavlik harnesses you should visit You may also visit the message board for more clothing suggestions!

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  1. To add to Erica's mention above of BabyHipWear, if your child does indeed have the stability bar, BabyHipWear will custom make (essentially alter) the SpicaHip pants to work with that cast. BabyHipWear offers SpicaHip pants and 'Hip'py Onesies up to the age of 2 years old on the website and has made custom clothing for children up to 4 years of age.