Friday, February 27, 2009

Closed Reduction Procedure

Kennedy's first hip procedure was done on Nov 24th 2008 as an outpatient procedure and it was a closed reduction and spica cast. We arrived at the Sac Surgery Center at 6 am and after she was prepped for surgery (blood pressure, oxygen levels, weighing, betadine scrub, baby gown and I don't remember what else) we were ready to begin at 7 am. I was able to accompany Kennedy into the operating room and assist with her being put under by comforting her while he pressed the gas mask to her face.While being gassed she was very unhappy and cried, but it only lasted a minute and then she relaxed (still clutching her ribbon blanket). We then laid her on the table and I was brought into the waiting room. I definately advise bringing an assortment of materials (books, magazines, breast pump) to occupy youself as the wait is grueling.

Once Kennedy was out of surgery and waking up, Dr, Rubin came and told us that the reduction had gone well and he was happy w/ the results. He then took me into Kennedy's recovery area where she was pretty upset . Her throat was very raspy while she cried but when I was able to pick her up (it's pretty awkard at first) and hold her she calmed down quickly. We were probably in recovery for about 45 minutes before the nurses started reviewing cast care with me and getting us ready to leave. Once we were ready I was able to put Kennedy's first spica outfit on (start with a really easy one!), give her a snuggly blanket and leave! Kennedy was still pretty heavily sedated so she slept all the way home and was pretty relaxed and comfortable when we got home - she even slept for 2 hours, waking up right in time to leave for our CAT scan.

Kennedy continued to be drowsy through the evening, which I believe made the initial adjustment easier on us all. At bedtime I started with the Tylenol w/ Codeine dosing to make sure she was comfortable and she slept well those first couple nights. After the first couple days I discontinued the Tylenol use and she started having some really bad nights. Therefore, I suggest continuing to use medication during the nights for about a week following any procedure since discomfort is always harder to ignore at nights then with the daytime distractions.

As with just about anything the time leading up to the procedure was worse than the actual experience. I'd had visions of never sleeping again, my cute funny girl becoming an unhappy monster, and of not being able to put her down - ever. Although we have experienced days like this, life in the spica has been so much better than I had imagined. I remember sitting with Kennedy the evening of the closed reduction and being just amazed and relieved that she was actually smiling and playing with her "Get better" balloon. If these past 4 months have taught me anything it's that life really does go on.

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  1. We just found out that we our 9 month old girl will be doing the closed procedure on march 28th. (unless he has to do the open)
    I have been SOOO worried about my VERY happy little girl just being miserable and not smiling.
    I am glad that you posted all of this, making me feel a little better.