Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kennedy's History

Kennedy was diagnosed with mild DDH (Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip) of the right hip in early November 2008. By Nov 24th she'd had a closed reduction and was put in a spica cast with a scheduled cast change five weeks later on Dec 29th, with an expected 12 week total cast sentencing. Her spica cast started just under the armpits and went to her left knee and her right foot with a stability bar at the knees. On Dec 29th we took Kennedy in for her recasting and although the procedure seemed to go well, her CAT scan the following day showed that the hip had slipped out of socket. We took Kennedy into the dr's office that afternoon, had the cast taken off and were scheduled for an open reduction just 3 days later on Jan 2 2009. Kennedy's open reduction was sketchy as Dr. Rubin was having difficulty keeping the hip in place while casting but she came out of the surgery with a great cast and her hip in a good position - thank goodness! Now Kennedy has been in this same cast for 10 weeks and is scheduled on March 13 to possibly have a new spica cast, a bachelor cast or a brace. Obviously we are crossing our fingers for the brace but, like everyone else, we'll deal with what we're given and move foward. Sometimes it's just about moving foward!

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