Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cleaning your child and the cast

Another tip for keeping your child clean and smelling good! I recommend reaching down the front and back of the cast daily to keep your child's skin in good condition and the cast clean. Every morning I rinse out four baby wipes in warm water and clean Kennedy's skin and the inside of the cast. To do this I lay Kennedy on her back across my legs to have access to the inside of the cast. With a warm rinsed wipe I reach down the top of the cast, pretending to tickle Kennedy so she'll find it fun, and clean her skin. Then I'll take another wipe and rub the lining of the cast to clean it out after the night. After I do the front I'll lay Kennedy across my legs again on her tummy and do the same with the back of the cast, reaching down and wiping her skin and the inside of the cast. I find this helps in keeping her skin in good condition and it's just another step to keeping the cast clean and smelling good. I use baby wipes because they are the easiest thing to reach down the cast, being strong and thin. I rinse them out first because I don't like the chemicals being on Kennedy's skin full time like that. I hope this helps!

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