Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tummy Time

The possible tummy times will vary wildly depending mostly on the style of spica cast that you get. As you view people's experiences on the hip baby message board you will notice that some children are decidedly immobile while other kids are crawling around and even attempting to walk while in their spica casts. With Kennedy she was most definately immobile. She hadn't been crawling when she was first put in her spica at 9 months so she didn't know what she was missing - which probably made the adjustment a little easier. Also, with the stability bar connecting in front of her knees she would have been like a little stink bug if I'd laid her flat on her tummy. However, even with these difficulties we did have a variation on tummy time. I would lay Kennedy over my leg (similar to during diaper changes) or over some pillows with toys in front of her for her to play. Although she had never liked tummy time as an infant she enjoyed this play time and difference in both view and position. It also made her a little less dependant in her play time which she seemed to enjoy. I would certainly advise continuing some kind of tummy time (depending on what your cast will allow) to provide different entertainment as well as continuing to use some of the muscles exercised while in this position.

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